SAP: Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy.

What is SAP?

When you receive federal or state financial aid, federal guidelines require that you make real and measurable progress toward your degree in order to continue to receive federal or state financial aid. This requirement is called Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).


Who does the SAP apply to:

UNM-G Student

The SAP Policy addresses your academic progress during all your terms of enrollment at UNM-G, including summer, whether or not you receive financial aid during the terms.


What are SAP Requirements?


Course Completion Rate

  1. Student must successfully complete 67% of the total credit hours attempt.

Minimum Cumulative GPA

  1. Undergraduate 31+ Total Attempted Credit Hours=2.0 minimum GPA.
  2. Undergraduate 1-30 Total Attempted Credit Hours=1.7 minimum GPA

Maximum time frame in completing degree

  1. Undergraduate students must complete their program of study within 150% of the published length of the program, measured in credit hours attempted.

Important: If you fail to meet one or more of these stipulations, you become ineligible to receive financial aid. You have the option to petition for financial aid, please see Financial Aid for more information.

Office of Financial Aid Contacts

Mailing Address:

UNM-Gallup - Office of Admissions
705 Gurley Avenue
Gallup, NM 87301.


(505) 863-7601

Physical Location:

Student Services and Technology Center (SSTC)

Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday:
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

General information & questions:


Financial Aid Staff

Click here to view Financial Aid Staff contact information