On a Plateau a Great Sky next to Shimmering Red Rocks.

Live and learn in a historic city on an expansive mesa over a mile above sea level. Experience a campus that’s simultaneously traditional yet modern, small-town yet diverse and brimming with light and possibilities. This is UNM-Gallup. A friendly place in a city just around the corner from ordinary, bisected by historic Route 66 and surrounded by thousands of years of history and culture. Within 30 minutes in any direction you will find beautiful red rocks that change colors with the movement of the sun, forest of pines and aspens, and landscape that serves as awe-inspiring examples of the kind of wild, natural beauty that wraps around everything here and rushes off in every direction. You’ll see.


Pyramid Rock

Speaking of the Sky…

It just kind of bigger here. Bluer. It seems to sweep much higher overhead, but also reaches down to kiss the sun-tanned plateau from horizon to horizon. Because that’s what the sky does over Gallup. It collaborates with hundreds of wide-open miles of some of the most untamed territory in the Southwest to make an unforgettable impression on you. To inspire you.


UNM-Gallup Trail

Get here, and get out there.

This is one of the country’s premier places to get moving outdoors. Active lifestyle aficionados, welcome to paradise. Want to hit the trails? You’ll find hundreds of miles of world class biking and hiking trails. Horseback riding? Yes, we’ve got horses, too. And sand dunes, forests and red rock to climb. Prefer to float above the scenery? Hot air ballooning is huge here.