Work-Study is a need-based financial aid program subsidized by the State and Federal governments. Students need to apply for financial aid before being accepted for Work-Study. If they qualify, their earnings are limited to the Work-Study amount indicated on their award notification and employment authorization.

Work-Study (Federal and State)

Work study funds are awarded on an individual basis. If you are interested in a work study position, visit our office. Work study salaries vary but are not less than the current federal minimum wage and may be higher depending on the type of work performed and the skills required. You are paid bi-weekly for the previous two weeks of work. You may not earn more than the total amount of your work study award. You and your supervisor must monitor your earnings closely.

Students may use their Work-Study award at any time during the appropriate award period if they are enrolled at least half-time (6 hours for fall and spring semesters or 3 hours for summer).If students want Work-Study for a summer job, they should contact their financial aid officer for guidance. Work-Study is restricted to students who are in a certificate or degree seeking status.

Note: As a work study you are allowed to work 28 hours a week.

Student Employment

Students need not qualify for financial aid to be employed in the Student Employment Program. Students registered at least half time, in a degree granting program, enrolled 6 hours for fall and spring semesters or 3 hours for summer, are eligible for employment through this program.

Note: As a student employee you are allowed to work 28 hours a week maximum.

Student Employment Information

Student Employment

Student Jobs

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