Charge of the Committee

1. Membership:

  1. The committee shall consist of six (6) Assembly members (including the Committee Chair) with three (3) required for quorum.
  2. At the end of the academic year, the committee members elect a new Committee Chair for the next academic year. Committee Chair may be reelected and serve until the allowed library committee membership term.
  3. Members serve for a three-year term, rotating with two new people joining each year. Each committee member may serve a second three- year term (limit).
  4. Membership shall include equitable representation from each division.
  5. Ex-Officio Members: Zollinger Director and Faculty Librarians shall serve as non-voting members
  6. Monthly meetings will be held during the academic year, except in December and May. Members are expected to regularly attend the meetings.

2. Duties:

  1. Address issues, give support and advise, and make recommendations related to the Zollinger Library's needs
  2. Address policies, budget and other issues in so far as they impact the teaching, research, and service responsibilities of the faculty, and the studies of students


Total Members: 6

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