For Instructors with ARC Students in Class

ARC Student Test-taking:

  • To the greatest extent possible, please have your class available in UNM Learn or another UNM sponsored format. It will help ARC provide the required classroom accommodations for ARC students.
  • Ask IT to add approved ARC readers/scribes to your Learn Module using the "student" role in LEARN.
  • Also, if need be, the "student role" can allow the instructor to use the "Performance Dashboard" in the Evaluation section to manage a student's access (access to modules closed to other students).
  • Adding ARC readers as a "student" gives them the same access in LEARN as the enrolled student who needs ARC assistance.
  • Also, adding a reader as a "student" does not violate any policies or compromise other students' privacy.
  • This will give ARC access to all the materials (except the textbook) that the ARC student sees. This allows ARC to serve as Readers and scribes. It does not violate policy or FERPA.
  • This option (rather than "grader") is also used for peer-evaluations between faculty peers and between chairs and faculty because it does not violate policy.

Please enable ALLY TOOL for all Readings in Learn and all tests. This way, any of your students may find the MP3-Audible option in the pull-down menu. The reading and the test can be read audibly to the student.

Please take a look at the following short video that provides a description of ALLY TOOL’s capabilities for all students

For your low-vision students:

Our ARC Study room has new equipment for not only enlarging text, but also for audibly reading the text for the students who benefit from auditory learning. Some of that equipment is portable, and can be signed out by students receiving ARC services. Please take time to privately remind those students to email ARC if they require some of the portable reading equipment. ARC will try to make arrangements to get that equipment to the student.


UNM-Gallup student


Test Instructions for ARC staff proctors

Download the Drop Off Test Form

When can students take their tests in ARC?

Monday-Friday 8:30 a.m.-3 p.m. An exam will not be administered after 3 p.m.

Download our Taking test hours deadline

What are classroom accommodations?

Download the ARC Description and 2310 Info

Exhibit A from UNM Policy 2310

Download Exhibit A from UNM Policy 2310

Faculty Syllabus Statement

Download the Faculty Syllabus Statement

Disruptive and Disturbing Behavior

View the Disruptive and Disturbing Behavior Presentation

Reasonable Accommodation

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