Accessibility Resource Center

Our Mission

The Accessibility Resource Center recognizes individuals with disabilities as an integral part of a diverse community and is committed to the provision of comprehensive resources to the University community (faculty, staff, and students) in order to create equitable, inclusive, and practical learning environments.

How do I begin?

If you were using classroom accommodations while you were in High School, you may have an Individualized Education Plan, or I.E.P.

Please ask your High School Office to email to the student /student’s family the signed version of the IEP, and that way the student and/or student’s family can email it to us.

Our hope is to provide a smooth transition into your college experience.

Please review the ARC Welcome Form

Take the following form to your next medical appointment:
Disability Verification Request Form .
Your healthcare professional can use their own form if they wish.

A reminder to all ARC Students

TAO: A Guide to Therapy Assistance Online

All Testing with a Reader must be scheduled in advance to ensure availability of a Reader.


Spring 2021 Hours of Operation

ARC Office will be available remotely, by telephone, FaceTime, Zoom, Skype for Business, and email until further notice.

For students accommodation, email ARC at or contact your Academic Advisor

What We Offer

The staff of the ARC is committed to the purpose of serving students with disabilities at the University. Student success is our goal and that Student Service is clear in the manner by which we deliver services. As the University continues to move forward with the use of technology to enhance the teaching/learning process, ARC has followed this path and utilizes assistive technology to improve access and opportunities for student success. Please take advantage of the following resources:

ARC Equipment


Find the description of our equipment in our brochure. ARC Brochure

Private Room

Private Study Room

We have 4 comfortable rooms where you can study without distractions.

Studient during testing

Test Scheduling

There are two rooms available to take tests in a quiet environment. To make appointments to test please contact ARC with your class time, exam date, and exam time. Please review our taking test hours deadline.

Explore more Students options:

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