Certificate in Welding Technology
(30 Credit Hours)

Information for Current and Future Students

The Certificate in Welding Technology is designed for students who would like to obtain a certificate or plan to continue on to obtain a higher degree; or for students seeking qualification for entry level work in the welding trades.

Consult with your advisor for current transferability information.


WLDT 101Blueprint Reading4cr
WLDT 104NCCER Basic Safety4cr
WLDT 105Arc Welding I4cr
WLDT 107Advanced Arc Welding4cr
WLDT 108Oxyacetylene Welding4cr
WLDT 112Gas Metal Arc Welding I3cr
WLDT 120General Welding Applications3cr
WLDT 141Gas Tungsten Arc Welding I4cr

FOR ADVISEMENT: Contact the Advisement Center at (505) 863-7706