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John L. Zimmerman
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January 16, 2020

"Hannah's Reparations Denied: 500 years of AmeriKKKa's Kontribution to the Black Woman/Black Man.”

The timeline of African’s enslavement in America - 500 years to Now – Artistically explored

Exhibition Opening February 3, 2020. The Ingham Chapman Gallery—located within the University of New Mexico at Gallup’s Gurley Hall—is proud to present this exceptional exhibition of the artwork created by social communitarian and community activist, Professor Dana C. Chandler, Jr. in honor of the gallery’s celebration of Black History Month.

With over 60 years of artistic achievement and recognizably distinguished expression, Prof. Chandler has visually orchestrated reflections of not only his own life and life’s work, he has significantly given voice to the stories that are not well told of Black America’s experience through his talents as a visual artist.

His professional and personal tenures have included activism and teaching with a resulting profound impact. This has led him to be recognized as one of the most renowned and controversial African American artist in modern history.

"The exhibition attempts to make eminently clear how brutal this country's treatment of African Americans has been over the past 500 years as it incorporates oppressed Africans into its hegemony. Many of the country's White supremacist leaders, undergirded by its White nationalist tribes, remain unrepentant about its maniacal, genocidal campaign against Africans in America, whom "Hannah" represents.” says Prof. Chandler. “Not only have she and her descendants not received reparations for the use of their bodies to build America's vast wealth, America continues to violently purge itself of Africans in America who refuse to be enslaved, and vociferously demand recompense for what our ancestors suffered. One only has to turn on the news to witness daily the savage assaults or unbridled discrimination against Blacks--and other people of color--in America.”

Gallery curator, John Zimmerman, expressed how proud the gallery is to be bestowed the opportunity to host this exhibition. “It is with great pride that Prof. Chandler has chosen to showcase his work within our gallery. Providing the opportunity for our student population, and the greater community, to be able to learn from his vision and amazing storytelling cannot be fully measured. The impact on their developing understanding of this part of our collective cultural history will be tremendous.”

Chancellor James R. Malm extends an invitation to all in the City of Gallup and greater McKinley county, “We sincerely hope that everyone comes to visit this exhibit. There is so much value in learning through the lens of art. Though some topics are challenging, we all walk out better people for the knowledge and emotion that is exchanged.”

The exhibit opens on February 3rd. The artist will be presenting a lecture on February 4th, beginning at 6pm, with a reception immediately following. The artwork will be on prominent display until Feb 28, 2020.

Gallery Exhibition

Gallery Exhibition

Gallery Exhibition

Gallery Exhibition