Charge of the Committee

1. Membership:

  1. A range of seven (7) to nine (9) members of the Faculty Assembly, with at least one member from each division. One member shall be the UNM- Gallup Faculty Assembly Representative to the Albuquerque Campus Curricula Committee. An alternate representative to the Albuquerque Campus committee shall be identified by the local committee to serve as needed.
  2. In Accordance with Article II, Section E, the committee shall elect a chair biennially. A vice-chair shall be elected annually.
  3. A Librarian shall attend the committee's meetings.
  4. The Registrar, Dean of Instruction, and a representative from Academic Advising are ex-officio members. Ex-officio members do not vote on matters before the committee.
  5. Members of the committee serve initially for a three-year term and may renew for a second three-year term. Faculty members must have a three-year absence before returning to the committee for a further term.
  6. The committee shall meet every month of the academic year and more frequently if required. A quorum of four (4) voting members present is required for committee action. Special meetings can be called by the agreement of four (4) voting committee members.

2. Duties:

  1. Oversee all matters related to the total curricula and shall initiate recommendations, receive recommendations from any other sources, and take action on such issues by recommending policy and/or procedures to the Faculty Assembly for further action
  2. Review and approve, or disapprove, all changes in existing or new courses, certificates, and degree programs. Those approved shall be submitted to the Faculty Assembly for action. Those receiving Assembly approval shall be forwarded to appropriate administration and/or Faculty Senate committees on the Albuquerque Campus for their action
  3. The procedures for developing new or changing courses, certificates and degrees are detailed by steps and shall be distributed to all department chairs annually and as revised. These procedures are available from the office of the Dean of Instruction.
  4. Notification letters about upcoming program reviews are to be sent to department chairs two semesters before the completed review is due
  5. A second notification will be sent one semester previous to the due date of the program review
  6. Program reviews are due to the committee by the sixth week of the semester of the scheduled review
  7. Any updates, further information or changes derived from review of the program should be completed before the end of the semester in which the review took place
  8. Under extreme circumstances, an extension of one semester may be granted for completion of the program review
  9. In the event that an extension is granted, the program review is still due by the sixth week of the next semester in order to undergo the review process
  10. Programs that do not comply or do not pass the review process will be referred to the Dean with recommendations for further action
  11. Guests who wish to address the committee about their programs during a meeting should contact the chair in sufficient time to be placed on the agenda


Total Members: 7

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