Associate of Arts
in Liberal Arts

What do Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz, former Avon CEO Andrea Jung and former Walt Disney Company CEO Michael Eisner all have in common? They all graduated with degrees in Liberal Arts and used their knowledge and skills to find their life passions. The Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts at UNM-Gallup satisfies the first two years and general education requirements of most four-year institutions. This program provides a comprehensive and well-rounded foundation in arts, science and humanities that preps you to jump into many diverse programs and career pathways. Many students prefer to get the basic educational courses under their belt at UNM-Gallup where they can enjoy smaller class sizes and affordable tuition rates before transferring to a four-year institution. We think that’s a smart idea too!


UNM-Gallup Associate of Arts in Liberal Arts

Liberal Arts

The Associate of Arts Degree in Liberal Arts is designed to provide the first two years of study for the student who plans to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in a liberal arts field. Upon completion of the degree, a student should have broad introductory courses to satisfy the General Education requirements of most four-year institution and be accepted into the academic department of his or her choice. The core curriculum requires one course chosen from any of the lower division non-English Language offerings of the Departments of Linguistics, Spanish and Portuguese, and Foreign Languages and Literature.


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Dr. Carolyn Kuchera

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