AAS in General Studies

Do you feel like you need help in finding your focus? Maybe you are interested in lots of subjects but don’t know which course of study is exactly right for you. Then an Associate of Applied Science in General Studies might be just what you are looking for! This multidisciplinary program is individually designed across a variety of academic programs and can be a springboard to anywhere. You can explore a variety of programs and subjects before committing to one area. With the guidance of an academic advisor, course selection can accommodate your areas of interest – or areas you still want to explore. You can develop strong skill sets that are applicable to many career or academic areas. Students in General Studies develop writing and speaking skills, learn to critically analyze and solve complex problems and get the tools needed to set their own future.


UNM-Gallup Associate of Applied Science in General Studies


The Associate of Applied Science Degree in General Studies is designed to provide the opportunity for an individual student to develop unique programs of study not available through other UNM-Gallup programs.

The program may reflect either specialized or broad patterns of educational experience including a variety of technology courses. A student who is awarded this degree will be prepared to enter jobs that require one to two years of college, but do not require a declared major field of study. The general education courses required for the completion of the degree articulate into a four-year college program. Elective credits may not articulate depending upon the degree granting institution. A student planning to pursue a Bachelor's degree should be aware of the general education requirements of the transfer institution.

Please consult with your advisor for current transferability information.


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AAS in General Studies

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