Blood Drive at UNM-Gallup

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By Corine Gonzales | 4.5.2022

Please save the date and help us spread the word:
Monday, April 18th, 2022
8:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Gurley Hall Commons Area

Basic Eligibility Requirements for Blood Donation:

  • Must be at least 16 years old (16- and some 17-year-olds must bring a signed permission form from a parent or guardian, if required by state or school).
  • Weigh at least 110 pounds. Certain height/weight criteria may apply for donors 22 years old or younger.
  • Be in good general health.
  • For your safety and to ensure a positive donation experience, make sure you eat within two hours ahead of your donation. Drink plenty of water that day and 24 to 48 hours beforehand. Feel free to help yourself to something to eat and drink in our refreshment area.
  • Bring your ID—something with your name and one of the following: date of birth, donor ID number or your photo.
  • You must wait eight weeks between whole blood donations. Learn more about specific intervals for other types of donation.
  • You should not be under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs at the time of donation.

Schedule an appointment here.

Blood Drive flyer

Each day, patients in U.S. hospitals, surgical centers and emergency treatment facilities need about:

  • 36k units of red blood cells
  • 7k units of platelets
  • 10k units of plasma

You play a vital role in supporting these patients. You can help!

Contact: Corine Gonzales, MLT Program Director
705 Gurley Ave
Gallup, NM 87301
(505) 863-7598

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