Social Distancing

Avoid meeting with people face-to-face. Communicate electronically, even when communicating with people in the same office or building. All meetings should take place via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or other video conferencing software. Be sure you understand the privacy considerations when sharing information electronically at your meetings. Zoom recommendations can be found at

Do not linger in hallways, stairwells, or areas where personnel are likely to congregate such as breakrooms, copier rooms, or other shared areas. Avoid sharing elevators, but when necessary, limit persons in the elevator to two to three individuals and stand six feet apart. Adhere to social distancing when waiting for the elevator.

Most buildings will remain locked or badge-access only to limit the number of people in our facilities. Buildings that have open hours will have those hours publicly displayed. Classrooms and other facilities opened for instructional purposes will be arranged to allow for appropriate social distancing of at least 6 feet.

Large events and lectures are not allowed at this time. No more than 5 persons may gather in one closed space. Departments/Units are not to host large gatherings until further notice.

Maintain social distancing in university vehicles and limit vehicle occupancy to no more than two people per vehicle. If two people are occupying one vehicle, each person must wear a face mask while in the vehicle.

It is highly recommended that all documents needing review and/or signatures be routed via email or by other electronic routing/signature software such as Adobe Sign. Information on how to sign up and use the Adobe Sign service can be found at

Self-Reporting Requirement

UNM has implemented a policy for self-reporting either symptoms of or a positive test for COVID-19 in order to support efforts to slow the spread of infection. This is both to connect Lobos to resources that can support them, and to help the University assess the community impact of the virus. This policy is specific to those individuals who are either currently working on UNM-Gallup’s campus or have been physically on campus since April 3.