Cloth Masks or Face Coverings

To prevent spread of COVID-19, the State of New Mexico has mandated cloth face coverings for everyone while in public. Wear a cloth face mask during any direct communication with others or when in common/shared spaces, whether indoor or outdoor.

A face mask or covering is mandatory when in campus common areas including—but not limited to—stairwells, hallways, breakrooms, copy rooms, elevators, conference room, restrooms; or anytime you are in a public or common area.

A face mask will not be required when alone in your office or cubicle. However, if you are in a setting with walls or barriers that are less than five feet tall and you are within six feet of another person, you must wear a cloth face mask.

Our campus is currently closed to outside visitors and guest who are not conducting university business (obtaining enrollment information, attending a schedule appointment, curbside pickup, etc.). Guests who do visit campus shall wear a face mask.