Covid-19 Positive Students and Employees In Campus Space

If a supervisor becomes aware that a student or employee who has occupied a UNM-Gallup space has tested positive for COVID-19, please recognize that individual’s right to privacy regarding healthcare issues, but also recognize the concerns of other occupants.

Supervisor responsibility for students or employees who disclose they have tested positive:

  • Send the individual home or instruct them not to come to work.
  • Read the UNM Guidance for Positive COVID-19 Cases
  • Instruct the individual to log into UNM’s self-reporting system at The report is electronically routed to Employee Occupational Health Services (EOHS) for employees or Student Health and Counseling (SHAC) for students, which will also be routed back to our campus leadership.
  • Request permission from the student or employee to disclose to other employees the positive test results.
    • Let co-workers who were in the immediate area know of the positive results and send them home and to log into UNM’s self-reporting system. If the employee has not granted permission, then avoid using the employee name when speaking with co-workers.
    • Co-workers should follow guidance provided by EOHS related to testing and self-quarantining.
  • EOHS/SHAC will be responsible for contacting Facilities Management (FM) to formalize the clean-up process.
  • EOHS / SHAC will begin the contact tracing process, contacting the student or employee to determine areas and others that he/she has been in contact with.
  • FM will be responsible for communicating back to the Supervisor and EOHS that the area has been cleaned.
  • Supervisor should contact HR at regarding leave options available to employees that were exposed or possibly exposed to COVID-19.