Artist, mathematicians and science lovers can all find a place here. This is where you come to get a strong and broad education in humanities that can be a string broad to almost anywhere. Faculty in Arts and Sciences educate you in a little bit of everything so you’ll be ready for anything. Degrees in Science, Art Studio and Liberal arts expand and challenge you to be ready for a lifetime of careers and future degrees.


  • AA - Liberal Arts
    • Concentration in Anthropology
    • Concentration in Art Studio
    • Concentration in English
    • Concentration in History
    • Concentration in Psychology
    • Concentration in Sociology
  • Teacher Education
    • AA - Secondary Teacher Education
    • AS - Elementary Teacher Education
  • AS - Science

Arts and Sciences

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Erlinda Torres / Admin. Assistant II - Arts & Letters, 505-863-7572,
Monica Wyaco / Admin Assistant II - Math & Sciences, 505-863-7700,