Weekly Brief - July 20, 2021

Dr. James Malm


Greetings to you as we start this Tuesday with such an extraordinary exhibition of American exceptionalism with this morning’s historic launch of Blue Origin’s New Shephard spacecraft—which may usher in a new era of space travel for humankind. This may also be a defining moment, our century’s Wright Brothers moment, when space could become a place where we someday live and work.

Today’s launch also reminds me of the responsibility we have as a university to encourage our students to consider not only careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) but also careers that allow for their unbridled potential and life achievements to benefit our local and global communities. Our tagline, Stay Close to Go Far, speaks to the mission we have to “prepare people to achieve their educational and professional goals in a context of respect for the traditions and values of the many groups” we serve. It’s a bit of a cliché, but I truly hope that our students are encouraged to reach for the stars in their own career aspirations—and are better prepared to do so through their educational experiences at UNM-Gallup.


Back here at home, we continue our critical mission to eradicate COVID-19 and safely return to full campus operations when the fall semester begins on August 23rd. While our community has done exceptionally well in its commitment to getting our friends, family, and neighbors vaccinated, we still have a number of people who have not been vaccinated.

As we’ve seen from recent national news coverage, there is a concerning rise in the number of cases, serious illness, and even death among those who are unvaccinated. While the UNM system, including UNM-Gallup, will not implement a vaccine mandate for faculty, staff, and students, we strongly encourage all to get their COVID-19 vaccine.

To this end, UNM has implemented an incentive program what will put $100 (in federal HEERF funds) into their bursar’s account when they upload proof of full COVID-19 vaccination. Students, when you are fully vaccinated, please go https://goto.unm.edu/vaccinationincentive to upload your vaccine card. This incentive also applies to students who already are fully vaccinated as well.

UNM-Gallup personnel who are fully vaccinated can also participate in the incentive program. When you are fully vaccinated, UNM will enter your name into a drawing for $1,000 when you upload proof of full COVID-19 vaccination. A total of 50 people will win $1,000. Please visit https://goto.unm.edu/vaccinationstatus to upload your documentation.

If you’ve lost your vaccination card, you can go to vaccineview.org. Vaccination is free. And while the incentive programs hopefully encourage you to get vaccinated, the peace of mind you’ll have that you won’t transmit COVID-19 to elders and to people in our community who are vulnerable should also motivate you to get your vaccine. Let’s “Vax the Pack” and ensure that our return to campus this fall is joyful and safe for all.

Please stay safe and stay well.

Best Regards,

Dr. James R. Malm, Chancellor
Professor of Business


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