January 11, 2019

Spring 2019 Semester

We are off to a great start for the spring 2019 semester! What a difference a year makes – this time last year we were missing some key members of the leadership team, but this year I am thrilled to have Dan Primozic, Robert Griego and Brittany Babycos as the newest members of such a high functioning team of professionals. We have truly come far in a short amount of time.

Faculty Development Week

Welcome back to our faculty after what I hope was a restful, relaxing and energizing winter break. I enjoyed reconnecting with everyone during the opening convocation on Monday and was very inspired by Dean Primozic’s remarks about 23 virtues of an ethical work place. Click below for a synopsis of his points. I invite everyone to internalize and share these virtues as we continue our great work this semester.

Faculty Development Week

I had the opportunity to stop by each of the academic division meetings on Wednesday as part of faculty development week. Thanks to our division chairs for organizing these planning sessions, and heading us in the right direction for the new semester.

Campus Report

Arts and Sciences division meeting as led by Chair Joe Kee

Campus Report

Division Chair Irene Den Bleyker leads a discussion during the Education, Health & Human Services meeting.

Campus Report

Division Chair Mark Remilliard, of Business and Applied Technology, Workforce Development and Community Education meets with division faculty during development week.

Spring Enrollments

As of today, we are running a bit over enrollment numbers from the same time last year. Per the morning report provided by Registrar Suzette Wyaco, we are showing an increase in both head count and student credit hours. This is a great improvement over last spring semester and we will continue to carefully monitor the numbers.

Spring Enrollments
Spring 2018 Spring 2019 Difference Percentage Spring 2018 - Census Data
1/12/2018 1/11/2019 HC 1,950
Headcount 1,583 1,720 137 8.65% SCH 18,761
Student Credit Hours 15,383 16,226 843 5.48% FTE 1252.4

Budget Update

As reported by Director of Business Operations Robert Griego at the local advisory board on Tuesday, we are showing a slight increase of revenues over expenses for Reporting Period 5 which ended November 30, 2018 (pages 6 and 7). This is great news and we have no budget shortfall alerts at this time. The $150,000 surplus is in stark contrast to the $400,000 predicted shortfall of this same time last year. A lot can happen in the months to come, however, and we do expect financial movement throughout the remainder of the fiscal year. We need to keep up the strong work of delivering on our mission in the most efficient and effective way possible.

Higher Learning Commission

Many thanks to Dr. Pamela Cheek, associate provost for curriculum and assessment, for her development week presentation on the upcoming Higher Learning Commission accreditation visit. HLC representative David Cutri will be visiting the UNM-Gallup campus on March 1st as part of the accreditation team. Mr. Cutri is the executive director of internal audit and chief compliance officer at the University of Toledo. He will be evaluating UNM-Gallup on the five criteria of:

  1. Mission
  2. Integrity: Ethical and Responsible Conduct
  3. Teaching and Learning: Quality, Resources and Support
  4. Teaching and Learning: Evaluation and Improvement
  5. Resources, Planning and Institutional Effectiveness

In advance of the actual HLC visit, we will host a “mock” visit early in February to assess our level of preparedness.

We were also tasked with preparing a 5,000 word institutional report which will help prepare the HLC team. You can link below to read the UNM-Gallup document. The preparation of the UNM-Gallup-specific report was guided by Higher Learning Commission Guidelines for Multi-Campus Visits. In collaboration with the provost’s team of experts, we will be prepared to host the HLC reviewers for this ten-year reaccreditation process.

Higher Learning Commission

As was mentioned in last week’s brief, the larger UNM institution-wide assurance document, which lays the foundation for the HLC visit, is now available for review and comment. This document contains refreshingly strong statements about our university and I encourage everyone to read and comment on the many points and in so doing understand the important roles we each play in the workings of our institution.

Environmental Scan

Results of the long-anticipated environmental scan were released and presented yesterday. The study proved to be a highly scientific, thoroughly researched and professionally analyzed report which will provide data to inform our decision-making processes. I appreciate the months of work undertaken by Senior Institutional Researcher Brittany Babycos to collect, examine, evaluate and present this exploratory information. The initial report is just the beginning of forthcoming information regarding our work to interpret relevant facts and perceptions about our institution as well as our relationship with our community. Please refer to the slide deck below for the entire presentation. A printed version of the environmental scan will be made available in the coming months.

Environmental Scan

Legislative Calendar

As we head into the 2019 legislative session, I have several key events on my calendar which will allow UNM-Gallup to advocate for our needs and bring awareness of our campus to our legislative leaders in Santa Fe. I am looking forward to sharing our five-year capital plan for $11.25 million in general obligation bond and severance tax requests. I also strongly support the financial agenda of the New Mexico Association of Community Colleges’ 8%-2%-5% requests. NMACC will be asking for 8% in new funding for member community colleges, a 2% funding formula performance redistribution and a 5% compensation increase.

UNM-Day will be on Monday, January 28th. This is a special day where many different departments and key administrators will highlight accomplishments of our institution and meet with legislators. UNM-Gallup will host a table in the rotunda with many other UNM organizations.

The NMACC board meeting and the New Mexico Academic All-stars recognition will take place on Wednesday, February 13th. A legislative dinner at the iconic Santa Fe Bull Ring is also scheduled for the evening of February 13th.

The Higher Education Department presentation to the New Mexico House Finance Committee is scheduled for Thursday, February 14th. This will lay the foundation for higher education funding discussions in the new fiscal year.

I look forward to joining our local advisory board members as well as local civic leaders for Gallup McKinley County Day at the state legislature on Thursday, February 21. The needs of our local community members are also the needs of our students so this will be a very important Santa Fe day.

Open Office Hours

As a way of continuing my commitment to transparency, and allowing for expanded communication, I am opening up the Friday leadership team meetings to anyone who would like to attend beginning on Friday, January 18 from 9:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m. in the Nursing Conference Room, HCC 141. Meetings will rotate between various campus locations.

Friday’s meetings include Dean of Instruction Dan Primociz, Director of Business Operations Robert Griego, Director of Student Affairs Jayme McMahon and myself. In the interest of time and preparation, I am asking that if you would like to present a particular issue, concern or recommendation, please register at the Open Office Hours website. Anyone is welcome to attend, but we do ask that you register if you’d like to present. The administrators and I look forward to this added element of campus-wide communication.

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