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July 15, 2019


Organizational Change and Leadership Processes

As we move forward in the constant reinvention of our campus, organizational change is a given element. Determining what processes will be most effective and what challenges will drive decision-making form the foundation for implementing responsible, collaborative and successful approaches.

In 2008, I published the results of a research project I conducted which looked at several elements of organizational change in community colleges in the state of Maryland. The findings were interesting and have shaped my view of leadership in the face of necessary institutional change and adaptation. The article Six Community College Presidents: Organizational Pressures, Change Processes and Approaches to Leadership" was published in the Community College Journal of Research and Practice.

Colllege Journal

As any of you who have had articles published well know, it is always gratifying when you are cited in another’s work. Not long ago, I was made aware of two dissertations where my article was recently referenced. The first, by Doctorate of Education candidate Matthew Todd Jordan of the University of California-Los Angeles, looks at the role of collaboration in a community college regarding enrollment management.

The second, by Doctorate of Education candidate Bharadwaj S. Hegde of the University of Southern California, considers the influence of leadership on completion rates at community colleges.

Please click below to add these two works to your summer reading list.

Dissertation CCenrollments

Dissertation CCExecs

What my research and these two dissertations demonstrate is the importance of a strong collaborative leadership style, especially in the face of organizational change. The work of these 2019 doctoral candidates reinforces our collaborative leadership approaches in reaching our major institutional goal of Student Success with the leading internal indicator of enrollment growth.

Here at UNM-Gallup, we are currently booking huge successes in a number of different areas. We are making use of world class instructors, data analysis and efficient campus space utilization to recruit, retain and graduate larger numbers of students than we have in quite some time.

It is important that, as a campus, we recognize the importance of joining together in these endeavors and I am counting on your continued help. With research showing that an open collaborate style works, I think we only need to look around our campus to see evidence of the success of this management strategy.

UNM-Gallup, like all institutions of higher learning, is a dynamic organization and we strive to never be complacent. Knowing that change is inevitable, we should always be primed to initiate responses in a manner that is supportive of our core mission. We should always be cognizant of the need to bend and redirect together to ensure a vibrant learning and working environment.

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